Sunday, October 14, 2007

Energy montage

Alternative energy is one of my passions- hence the montage. I started with a photo of a strip mine from Photo Exchange, I placed the geyser (geo-thermal) on top of the strip-mine photo and picked the color of the sky which I painted the rest of the top of the strip-mine photo photo to add some continuity to the photo. The color was slightly off and there was a noticeable line, so I smudged the line and then placed a windmill copy on the line to try to hide it a little. The windmill photo is one I took a couple years ago when we were driving by Madison, NY. I also tried to incorporate the geyser photo into the strip-mine photo by erasing with varying degrees of opacity. I did the same with the tidal turbine photo which is below the solar panel. I tried to think of different ways to incorporate the solar panels into the montage, ranging from the equipment carrying them to making them part of the landscape. In the end, I just left them as sort of free flowing. The grenade looking thing is actually a methane digester with a couple of compact fluorescent bulbs sticking out of them. The tops of the digesters suggested themselves as receptacles of the lightbulbs. One could probably come up with a couple of analogies for the methane digesters as grenades. (The original photos can be found at the links). I had a couple other photos I was intending to incorporate into the montage - sunflowers with an old gas tank for bio-diesel and a solar hotpot, but in the end did not use them.

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